Items From Our November 2016 Auction


1915 Chew Kis-Me Gum
Embossed Diecut

1930-40s Champlin Gas / Oil Sign

1909 Winchester
"Grizzly Bear Coming Out of Cabin" Poster

1917 Bristol Steel
Fishing Rods Calendar

NEAR MINT 1918 Coca Cola
"Umbrella Girls" Festoon

1930's US Ammunition Co.
Point of Purchase Window Display

1910 - 12 Rainier Cowgirl on Horse
Serving Tray

1908 - 1910 Star Brewery's Famous Hop Gold
Cowgirl Serving Tray

1880-90's Grecian Facial Massage Cream
Tin Litho sign

1910 Drink Lehnert's Beer Tip Tray

1908 Pepsi Tip Tray

1915 Royal Burner & Backwell Cigars
Tin Litho Sign

1947 Marathon Lager Beer Sign

1913 Verona Saloon Pleasanton, Cal
Embossed Diecut

1907 Winchester Poster
20 Gauge Shotguns

1920-30's Browning Sports Equipment
Reverse Glass Sign

1935 Marx Rocket Racer Tin Litho

1920's Winchester Counter sign

1920 Henrietta Cigar
Self-framed Tin Sign

1892 - 1914 Enterprise Brewing
SF Cal. Serving Tray

1953 Montana AAA license topper